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Make-A-Long Wrap Up!

What a month it has been! I have enjoyed seeing all the Pi Squared Shawl bbs grow up and become beautiful additions to our knit wear collections. Thank you so much for joining @KnotBadBrit and I in the Pi Day MAL!

Check out all the all the projects shared under the hashtag #PiSquaredShawl


We are so grateful to our sponsors, @OddKnotsAndThreads, @Things.Beth.Makes, @GavriellaMakes, and @RadicileThreads. Follow the link on each sponsor's name or image below to learn more about them and support their work.


Many thanks also, to LionBrand Yarn for sponsoring the Make A Long and providing us with yarn to not only make our own shawls, but to give away as well! Shawl In A Ball is a great warm weather cotton acrylic blend that is light weight and airy. The beautiful color changes and interesting texture are given space to really be the star in Pi Squared Shawls.


Whats next for the Sisters Not Twins Project? Well, Brittany Garber and myself are hatching all sorts of plans. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletters to stay in the loop and be a part of upcoming projects!


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