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Pi Squared Shawl - The Knit Sister

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A Free Pattern For Week 2 of the Pi Day MAL

Okay! Lets cast on! The pattern for the Pi Squared Shawl - The Knit Sister is below.

Week 2 Goal:

Our goal this week for the Pi Day MAL is to cast on and work through row 48 of the pattern below. Post a picture to Instagram and tag me, @SunDaughterKnits, and @KnotBadBritt. Use the hashtags #sisnottwins, #pidaymalweek2 and #pisquaredshawl to participate and be eligible for Pi Day MAL Week 2 prize: hand thrown pottery from @things.beth.makes! Be following all three of us and make your post before Saturday, March 27, cause Beth's mugs are beautiful! Everyone all over the world is welcome to play along, but please be willing to help cover shipping fees if you live outside the US. Be on the look out for info about a zoom date coming up with @knotbadbritt and @sundaughterknits!

The Pi Squared Shawl - Knit Sister pattern is all laid out below. If you would like a pdf copy of it, you can pick it up for $1 from the SDK shop. If you want to be super supportive, head over to the Ravelry pattern page and drop a heart on it! Making a ravelry project is always a great way to support an indie designer.


Looking for the deets on yarn, needles, gauge etc? Check out our post from last week Pi Day MAL Week 1

Not a knitter? Check out the

Crochet Sister by @knotbadbritt



Here is some other important info before you cast on, please read the following and then go on to the section titled Pi Squared Pattern.


CO- cast on

k- knit

p- purl

slwyf- slip with yarn in front

yo- yarn over

k2tog- knit two together

The Garter Ridge Tab:

CO 3

Rows 1-6: k all stitches

Row 7: k all stitches but do not turn your work at the end of this row. Instead, rotate your work 90 degrees to the right (what was the left edge is now facing up). Pick up and knit three stitches along this edge (one for each garter ridge bump- just do your best, it doesn't have to be perfect). Rotate your tab 90 degrees to the right again (what was your cast on edge is now facing up). Pick up and knit three stitches along this edge. That's it! You did it!

Stockinette Stitch Pattern:

Right side (or even numbered rows): k to 1 before the end, slwyf

Wrong side (or odd numbered rows): k3, p to 3 stitches before the end, k2, slwyf

Picot Edge Bind Off:

1. bind off 2 stitches normally

2. place the stitch from the right needle onto the left needle

3. CO 2 using the cable cast on or knitted cast on

4. bind off 7

repeat steps 2-4 to 3 before the end, work steps 2-3, bind off to end

Pi Squared Pattern