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Acorn Street Beanie

A free Pattern From SunDaughterKnits

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A happy couple put their heads together in peace. They are wearing Acorn Street Beanies and the stitches along the brim form sweet little acorns.
Sized to fit the whole family!

About The Acorn Street Beanie:

Originally designed for Acorn Street Shop, my favorite LYS in Seattle, this adorable pile of beanies features acorns formed by twisted stitches and cables. Most of the cables used to create the acorns require two cable needles, a technique that is simple to master yet yields wonderful stitch definition. And given the ten stitch repeat for both the acorn brim and the crown decreases, this hat is easy to size up or down just by increasing or decreasing your cast-on by ten stitches. This allows you to create cuteness for the whole family!

Lets Chat Yarn!

For this project, a light colored solid, semi solid or tonal yarn will really let that stitch definition stand out and those little acorns shine. When designing for Acorn Street we went for Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine. This single ply yarn has high shine due to it being a silk blend and that highlighted the acorns even more. While I feel that the stitches really appear crisp and beautify in a silk blend, I don't like the slant created by the single ply or how much the fabric relaxes. I encourage folx to make their Acorn Street Beanie in a 100% wool yarn.

Ya'll know by now I'm a huge Bad Sheep Yarn fan! BSY offers a 100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn that is plied. The superwash merino will be soft against tender foreheads and the plied aspect will create balanced stitches.

Honeyed Bri from the new BSY Charcuterie Collection is exactly what I am after now that the rights to this pattern have been turned over to me and you can stay tuned for an update 'cause I absolutely plan to make my own. Linked below are other options I think would work well. Notice how they are less saturated in color, tonal or more simi-solid in nature, and plied. Shown below are Honeyed Bre, Epanoui, Bourbon, and Revasserie.


And without further adieu:

The Acorn Street Beanie Pattern

The Pattern Details page shown below come directly from the PDF. Feel free to download this image and take it with you to your LYS to pick up supplies! You can also support your favorite LYS by purchasing a PDF copy of the pattern from the shop!

Download this image and take it with you to your LYS for supplies!


BOR - beginning of round

CN - cable needle

CO - cast-on

K - knit

K1TBL - knit stitch through the back loop

K2tog - knit 2 together

P - purl

PM - place marker

rnd(s) - round(s)

st(s) - stitch(es)

3stCTR - 3 Stitch Twisted Cross Right: Place 1 st on first CN, hold in back; place 1 st on second CN, hold in back; K1tbl; K1 from second CN, K1 from first CN.

3stCL - 3 Stitch Twisted Cross Left: Place 1 st on CN, hold in front; place 1 st on another CN, hold in back; K1; K1 from back CN; K1tbl from front CN.

3stPC - 3 Stitch Purl Cross: Place 1 st on CN, hold in back; place 1 st on another CN, hold in front; K1; P1 from front CN; K1 from back CN.

2/1LPC - 2/1 Left Purl Cross: Place 1 st on CN, hold in front; K2; P1 from CN.

2/1RPC 2/1 Right Purl Cross: Place 2 st on CN, hold in back; P1; K2 from CN.


Please note, any modifications will impact the quantity of yarn used, however even an extra-large slouchy hat should be able to be knit with one skein.

~Adding or removing 10 stitches will add or remove approximately 2in/5cm of circumference.

~For a slouchier fit, knit up to one extra inch before beginning to decrease.

Casting On:

Using smaller needle, CO 70 (80, 90, 100) stitches using the Italian Tubular Cast-on (the Long Tail Cast-on will serve just fine if you don’t feel like fiddling with a fancy cast-on).

Join in the round and place unique marker for BOR. Continue on to Acorn Brim Written Instructions on this page or Acorn Brim Charted Instructions.

Acorn Brim Written Instructions:

Rnds 1-4: (K1tbl, P1) repeat to BOR.

Rnd 5: *(k1tbl, p1) five times, pm* repeat *...* to 10 st before BOR, (K1tbl, P1) five times.

Rnd 6: *K1tbl, p1, 3stCTR, P1, (K1tbl, P1) two times* repeat *...* to BOR.

Rnd 7: *K1tbl, P1, K1tbl, K1, (K1tbl, P1) three times* repeat *...* to BOR.

Rnd 8: *3stCTR, K1, 3stCL, P1, K1tbl, P1* repeat *...* to BOR.

Rnds 9-12: *K1tbl, K5, (K1tbl, P1) two times* repeat *...* to BOR.

Change to Needle B

Rnds 13-15: (P7, K3) to BOR.

Rnd 16: (2/1LCP, P1, 2/1RPC, K3) to BOR.

Rnd 17: (K2, P3, K5) to BOR.

Rnd 18: (K2, 3stPC, k5) to BOR, removing all markers except BOR marker.

Continue on to Body Instructions.

Body Instructions:

Knit every round until hat measures 4 (5, 6.5, 7.5)in / 10 (12.75, 16.5, 19)cm from cast-on, or desired length for more or less slouch. Continue on to Crown Decreases.

Crown Decreases:

Change to DPNs or longer circular needle for magic loop when necessary

Set-Up: (K10, PM) to 10 st before BOR, K10.

Rnd 1: (K until 2 sts before marker, K2tog) to BOR.

Rnd 2: K, slipping markers as encountered.

Repeat rnds 1-2 until there are 2 sts between each marker. On the last rnd, remove all markers except the BOR marker.

Final Rnd: K2tog to BOR.

Break yarn leaving tail to work with. Thread yarn tail onto darning needle and pass through the live sts. Cinch tightly to close the top. Sew in ends, block, wear and enjoy!

Acorn Brim Charted Instructions:

Chart is to be worked from right to left and bottom to top. There are 7 (8, 9, 10) repeats per round. Change needle size at the start of Rnd 13 as indicated by the bold line. When chart is complete, continue on to Body Instructions.

Chart Key:

Acorn Street Beanie Chart Key

Acorn Street Beanie Chart Key

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