Autumn Waves Wrap

Updated: Nov 19

The Knit Sister Design Diary

Autumn foliage surrounds a woman in a black dress. In her hands is an Autumn Waves Wrap, still on the needles. It is a deep orange and the airy knit stitches let the light through.
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Autumn seems to come on in waves. First the crisp mornings hint at what is to come but they give way to the warmer days that remind us Summer has yet to loose his hold. Next the leaves begin to change as the trees adorn themselves in golds and reds while we too change and begin to crave the heavier fruits of the harvest such as pumpkin and warm apple dishes. Finally, we let go of Summer’s grasp completely. As the trees drop their leaves and reach their naked branches to welcome the geese flying over, we turn inwards, light candles and snuggle in our hand crafted garments. Light and airy, the Autumn Waves Wrap is designed to be a staple through all the beautiful phases of autumn.

But it began with the yarn.

I answered my phone with the usual "hello" and the first words I heard were, "Have you SEEN S'mohair? Go to Traveling Yarn's website. NOW." The following 45 minutes involved a gloriously deep dive into Traveling Yarn color-ways and a manic discussion of various shapes, construction and stitch patterns.

Holding S'mohair for the first time is an experience. There is a magic spun into each skein that allows it to be heavy and shiny (due to the silk) while also being airy and soft (due to the mohair). A common ratio for mohair yarns spun with silk is 70/30 kid mohair/silk. S'mohair on the other hand is 69/22/9 silk/mohair/nylon. The greater silk content gives us that comforting weight and stunning shine while there is just enough mohair to create that airy cloud and a tad bit of nylon for structure.

A woman in a short black dress with thigh high dark tights holds an Autumn Waves Wrap before her torso, the light shining through the airy orange fabric
Dress it up or down.

After working up just one repeat of the pattern, we knew we had hit the nail on the head with this one. The fabric texture created with the Autumn Waves Wrap stitch patterns perfectly exemplifies the power created with S'mohairs fiber content. The bias shape and waves make space for Traveling Yarn's color genius to be shown off.

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Autumn Waves is the latest installment of the Sisters Not Twins Project by Britt of KnotBadBritt & Sönna of SunDaughterKnits. The arts of crochet and knitting are often discussed in competition with one another. We strive to unite them and highlight their similarities while honoring their differences. To do this, we created the the Sisters Not Twins series, a collection of projects that will include a knit and crochet version of each pattern. To learn more about the Sisters Not Twins Project, head to the SisNotTwins Blog Post.