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Sisters Not Twins

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap ~Ani DiFranco

The arts of crochet and knitting are often discussed in competition with one another. Britt of KnotBadBritt and Sönna of SunDaughterKnits strive to unite them and highlight their similarities while honoring their differences. To do this, we created the the Sisters Not Twins series, a collection of projects that will include a knit and crochet version of each pattern.

The goal of the Sisters Not Twins Project is to co-create patterns in crochet and knit that are as similar as possible while still respecting and highlighting each craft's unique characteristics. The challenge when working with two crafts like this is presented when we try to translate similar design features and fabric attributes from one craft to the other. We are learning to understand the other craft's language so to speak and in doing so we are coming to understand its unique restrictions and its abilities. Clear communication between us as designers is essential, and while its fun, it is probably the most challenging part of working to form a vision for the pattern. We swatch a lot.

The search for similarities between knitting and crochet, and learning to view their differences as unique qualities we can work with has been a project like no other I have undertaken as a designer. While it is a ton of work, the challenge is pushing us out of our comfort zone. Supported by each other and our commitment to our individual crafts, we grow more adept as designers. By finding pleasure in the beauty of our differences we are freed to revel in the joy of that which we share.


Freia and Fenna, The First Two Sisters

Freia and Fenna are women who move through their worlds with honor. Their names mean peace, yet they are known as warrior goddesses. Strong in their convictions, confident in their femininity, and wise in their choices, Freia and Fenna inspire us.

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Pi Squared Sisters

The Pi Squared sisters celebrate the visual beauty of a simple mathematical concept. They utilize the pi method of construction and the best part is we get to work the whole shawl with only 5 increase rows! This allows us to enjoy the process of making without counting stitches - just some easy stitching and who doesn’t love that.

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Autumn Waves Wrap

Autumn seems to come on in waves. First the crisp mornings hint at what is to come but they give way to the warmer days that remind us Summer has yet to loose his hold. Next the leaves begin to change as the trees adorn themselves in golds and reds while we too change and begin to crave the heavier fruits of the harvest such as pumpkin and warm apple dishes. Finally, we let go of Summer’s grasp completely. As the trees drop their leaves and reach their naked branches to welcome the geese flying over, we turn inwards, light candles and snuggle in our hand crafted garments. Light and airy, the Autumn Waves Wrap is designed to be a staple through all the beautiful phases of autumn.

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Stay tuned! There is more to come in the Sisters Not Twins Project!

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