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Because Rainbow!

A FREE Pattern from SunDaughterKnits celebrating love in all it’s forms. Read on to get your code to download this pattern for free, or purchase it to financially support queer youth.

The Because Rainbow Mitts celebrate love- all love- and the beauty that is created when all forms of love are free to bloom. This pattern is meant to honor our queer youth as they search to find themselves and a place for their love in this world. It also honors our straight youth as they navigate allyship in the midst of adolescent turbulence. It recognizes and shows respect for those who are now grown and have experienced the challenges of youth through either of these lenses.

Because Rainbow is a stranded mitt pattern that is great for stash busting. It contains charts for the two options shown above (on the left in the Rainbow Lite Mitts and on the right in the Double Rainbow Mitts). Because love comes in all shapes and sizes, these mitts are inclusively sized in 7 sizes ranging from a child’s hand at 5.75in circumference to an adult’s hand at 11.75in circumference (with an intended 1 inch negative ease).

Just as love can have many forms, support also comes in many forms. This pattern was designed with the intension of supporting queer youth and their allys. All proceeds from this pattern between June 1 and June 7, 2021 will be given to the Lambert House Seattle. But money is not the only way to show support! To share the love we often knit for others (and ourselves! Remember YOU are worthy of love and support from you!). Perhaps you are not in a place to donate right now but you do have the time (and I’m guessing we all have the stash! haha). If this sounds like you, please feel free to use the code 1Rainbow to download a copy of this pattern for free in my shop. And too, tell a friend. The goal here is to fill the world with rainbows!

to download the Because Rainbow Mitts pattern for free!

As with most of my patterns, the Because Rainbow Mitts pattern is priced using the Pay What Works model of pricing because this allows me as a designer to set a fair price for my work while at the same time honoring the fact that everyone deserves to create regardless of current financial position.

I love to see your creations. Share on social media and tag me @SunDaughterKnits and use the hashtag #becauserainbowmitts. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback by DM through Instagram @SunDaughterKnits or the contact me button on my home page. Wanna share the love even more? Head over to the Ravelry Pattern Page and drop a heart on this pattern there and save this blog post to your Pinterest by clicking any of the images.


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