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The Friea Shawl Design Diary

Please welcome the Freia Shawl into the world with me! Texture created by herringbone and lace play together creating a drape that is fascinatingly light and yet large and squishy to wrap up in. Featuring photo tutorials and YouTube support, nearly all of the testers rated Freia as a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-5 in difficulty. The only tricky part can be going back in herringbone if needed and life lines can make that bit easy-peasy.

This shawl came about as a collaborative between myself and Brittany Garber of KnotBadBritt. She, as a crocheter, and I, as a knitter, set out to create a series of patterns together that would unite our crafts and highlight their similarities while honoring their difference. We named this series Sisters Not Twins and the Freia and Fenna Shawls are the first of the sisters.

Freia and Fenna are women who move through their worlds with honor. Their names mean peace, yet they are known as warrior goddesses. Strong in their convictions, confident in their femininity, and wise in their choices, Freia and Fenna inspire us.

We have chosen two shawls as our first project that the feature the gentle variegation of Sprigs & Stone Yarn while playing with texture and create a strong fabric. These shawls offer space for the gentle variegation of hand dyed tonal yarn to shine and texture to ground it.

I love to see your creations. Share on social media and tag me @SunDaughterKnits and use the hashtags #sundaughterknits, #freiashawl, and #sisnottwins. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback via sundaugherknits.com, by DM through Instagram @SunDaughterKnits, or via email at sun.daughter.knits@gmail.com.

Happy Knitting!



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