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September 202O Recap!

What a month it has been! I took the Salem Slouch through the testing process, knit kinda the cutest baby sweater EVA, participated in three pattern tests, and completed my 40th rotation of the sun. Not to mention began public schooling my kids at home! All the names of the patterns will link to my Ravelry Projects page so you can get the deets if your interested and the designer's name will link to their Instagram where you can follow them but also access their sales platforms.

OMG I'm so forkin' excited for the release of the Salem Slouch on 10/2/2020! This pattern comes from my heart. My youngest and I have had so much fun taking photos for this one. And this deep purple! sigh. It was dyed up for me by The Little Wolf Knits and has the fantastic name of Magic Eggplant. This is one of those dream patterns. I had a vision and as I followed the design process it really felt like it was simply coming into being. I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm proud of my design, supported by my community and authentically expressing my creativity with fiber.

First thing off my needles in September was the Cinnababy Cardi from Mavencrafted. Baby sweaters are like bags of potato chips. You start in on them and are suddenly done and still need more.

So also in September I officially became a Tunisian Crocheter. Yup. That's me. A Tunisian Crocheter. My first project was a pattern test for the fabulous Janine of Capital Crochet: the Bonfire Mitts. Pattern testing also took me in to the land of brioche knitting and I whipped out Michael Shawn's newest (FREE) pattern Brioche Shmioche. I am for sure planning an online class for this one so if you are at all interested get your name on that email list at the bottom of my home page. With one Tunisian project and one knit, it feels so right that my last pattern test was crochet! I tested the Fine Feather Cowl for EatWanderCrochet. I'm honored that Rox (who is Ms EatWanderCrochet) thought of me for this pattern and the unbelievable kits from The Frosted Stitch. Of course I was given blue and this squishy cozy fade makes me long for winter days in Fairbanks.

Oh, also! I'm 40! I'm not sure how this happened. Isn't it the year 1996? I was wondering at what point we start to feel like grownups? And also! School! We are nearly a month in. Distance learning should get its whole own blog post but needless to say, its hard! haha I homeschooled for 12 years. This meant many hours a week spent planning, prepping, correcting. Public school at home is not homeschool. I don't do any of those things (ALL the props to the teachers out there who are doing while their own kids are at home public schooling!!!). So in some ways that makes it easier. But also, homeschool has flexibility. There are no technical "due" dates in homeschool. That pressure of due dates combined with the comfort of drinking tea and schooling on the couch under a blanket is an interesting dichotomy.

There are so many unknowns in my life right now, I honestly don't know what October will bring. But I do know I'll be yarning and mommying through it and look forward to sharing it with you.


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