Pi Day MAL Week 4

This is it ya'll! The LAST WEEK of the Pi Day MAL hosted by @KnotBadBritt and @SunDaughterKnits. Last week was the biggest goal, which means this week will feel easy peasy! This post contains all the info you need to participate in the Pi Day MAL Week 4.

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Learn to wet block your shawl here

Last week's goal was to knit through row 96. Yup, that was a lot of stockinette! If you are just learning to knit I bet you have the knit and purl stitch DOWN PAT by now! haha This really is a great beginner pattern for that very reason.

Week 4 Goals: work through the bind off (rows 97-101 + the picot edge bind off), sew in our ends and block our shawls! The blocking of the shawl is super duper helpful. This is when the magic happens and it goes from a ruffly flutter bib to a romantic shawl. I'll outline the basics of wet blocking below. After you meet this week's goal, post a finished pic of your shawl to Instagram, tag @KnotBadBritt and @SunDaughterKnits, use the hashtags #pisquaredshawl, #pidaymalweek4, and #sisnottwins to be eligible for this week's prize sponsored by Radicle Threads!

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by Brittany Garber?

While your at it, follow this link to the Pi Day MAL Week 3 post over on Knot Bad Britt's Blog.

How To Wet Block Your Shawl:

you will need:

  • a bowl large enough to hold water and your shawl

  • optional wool wash (my favorite is Eucalan)

  • dry clean towels

  • blocking pins

  • blocking mats or play mats (also optional, sub more dry towels if you don't have these)