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November Recap!

November! What a month! The Freia Shawl made her debut and I added a cardigan, a sweater, two cowls, a shawl and a cabled pillow case to my Ravelry Projects this month! There is a new pattern in the works (and a giveaway planned!) for early December and behind the scenes I've been knitting away on a super exciting secret surprise that I'm not quite ready to tell you about. Oh! and! I GOT CLASSES ONLINE! Yup! Super exciting and long time coming. I've been missing teaching regularly and am so happy to be back at it. Check out the class listings here and let me know if there is anything you are interested in seeing offered.

Freia! Oh how I love this shawl! Have you ever made a thing and ya just keep looking at it and saying to yourself, "I did that!"? Britany Garber, @knotbadbritt on insta, and I make a great team and I can quite confidently gar-un-tee that there will be more coming from the two of us and the Sisters Not Twins Series. That's right. I called it a series. Cause there is more... Head here if you want to purchase this lovely on my website and here if you want to pick it up on Ravelry. This beauty is the perfect pattern for those times when you want to just pick up your knitting and keep going, but is chunked into interesting sections so you get to change up what you are doing as you keep going. We all need those patterns that don't require us to count and pay attention but look stunning and complicated! haha

The Illusionist Sweater by LovelybyLee brought me all the cozy feels while knitting it. I wasn't so sure of the color - I'm not a rusty kinda girl, but I was feeling really brave. I really wanted to try Hue + Me from LionBrand and this seemed the perfect project for it. I loved every minute of knitting it and its so romantic to wear. It actually stays up! If you want to giggle, follow this link to see the sweater in action and watch the cutest photobomb ever!

So that Cardi! Its the FlipSideCardigan, a test for Janine, @CaptitalCrochet on insta, and a LionBrandYarn Kit. I made it out of Color Made Easy This is the cardi I put on each morning and its so squishy snuggly. Also SO. FORKIN'. FAST.! Also also! Its Tunisian Crochet - and the second project I have ever made with Tunisian Crochet! Janine really does a spectacular job with instructions in her patterns. I think it must help a ton to be a tech editor herself! ;)

So, November gave me this fantastic-super-satisfying-I-just-love-it-so-much week. In said week I STARTED AND FINISHED THREE PROJECTS!!! It was sooooooooo great. I think we all deserve at least one week like that a year. First project cast on was my Comforted By Cables pillow cover, a test for Beth of Things.Beth.Makes on Insta. Knit on US15 needles, this pillow cover has a cable pattern that is simple to memorize but interesting enough that it quickly became one of those magical "one more repeat" projects that are suddenly done!

Next on my hook was a Tunisian test for DarkYarnCrafts, the Gabriel Tunisian Shawl. So... I cast this baby on and cast her off in the same day. True story. The yarn is Wedgwood Fibers and the color is so deep, its perfect for showing off the stitch pattern - WHICH I LOVE. I knew I had to test this one when I saw that it was called the Crow Foot Stitch.

And I wrapped up my loveliest of weeks by testing the Roads Traveled Cowl for GavriellaMakes. True to Gavriella style, this cowl is simple but stunning. I used my HelloGavriella Yarn and it is soooooo soft. Mixed with the last of my Wedgwood Fibers left over from my Gabriel Shawl, I think it is the perfect mix of deep saturation and gentle comforting color.

I saved the most exciting bit for last! A NEW PATTERN! The Marled Alaska Cowl is a collaborative between my dear friend Kathleen Williams and myself. We put this beauty together for BadSheepYarn and it will make a perfect one skein, two day gift knitting project! Look for it on December 11. But keep your eyes pealed for a giveaway coming December 9 and you will have two changes to win a skein of yarn to knit yours out of! Fancier pics will be along soon ;)

Ooooohkaaay... its not the very last. I hinted at a super secret thing. I'm not willing to tell you more but I will say that it is hiding somewhere in this pile of lovelrly that was on my table. hehehe. Looking at this I think its safe to say I like blue...

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Happy Crafting Friends!



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