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Faux I-cord Bind Off

I first encountered the faux i-cord bind off when I tested the Simone Pullover by HelloGavriella. It creates a beautifully finished edge and after about three stitches it became my favorite. Gentle and unobtrusive, it will enhance a bind off without demanding attention. For this reason it is the secret star of the first shawl in the Sisters Not Twins series that is now in testing phase. (This blog post will totally be updated with links and pretty pics upon pattern release.)

Almost the same as Jenny's Stretchy Bind Off, the Faux i-cord Bind Off has only two differences, but they make all the difference to the finished look. 1: Faux i-cord Bind Off is done from the wrong side (or inside if you are binding off a sweater sleeve). 2: The yarn over is made backwards. That is it! I will take you through the steps with photos below, or you can watch me work through it in this video.

Step one was already listed above: make sure you are on the wrong side.

Step two, just as in a regular bind off, is to knit the first stitch and then step three is to work that backwards yarn over mentioned above.

Step four has us knit the next stitch. At this point we have three stitches on our right needle.

Lastly, step five has us use the left needle to bind the first two stitches on the right needle off together by lifting them up, over and off the right needle.

Then we just repeat steps two through five over and over until we have one stitch left. Cut the yarn leaving an 8in/20cm tail and pass it through the last stitch. Ta-da!

And just cause its fun, want a sneaky peak at the knit sister - an as of yet unnamed shawl pattern that is the Sister Not Twin with a crochet design from KnotBadBritt? (shh and squwee!)

This lovely is knit a collaboration with Sprigs and Stone Yarn and I promise I will rave more about that in an upcoming blogpost. But in the mean time, in case you are dying to know (yes I mean to spell it that way), this is MerYak Fingering and this is the colorway Camp Nowhere. ;)

If you want to be sure to be in the know as this shawl works its way through testing phase and out into the world, as well as get more quick little tutorials like this one, be sure to add your name to the mailing list at the bottom of the home page of SunDaughterKnits or subscribe to the SunDaughterKnits Blog!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


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