The Pay What Works Model:
SunDaughterDesigns patterns and Sönna Schuttner's classes are sold using the Pay What Works model. When considering the expense and labor the I put into a pattern or class, the value is set at the price I believe them to be worth. At the same time, I recognize and respect economic differences and believe that they should not hinder creativity. To purchase a pattern or class at a discount that will make it more accessible to you, simply enter the coupon code below that corresponds with the discount you feel works. Please note that the codes are upper and lower case specific and must appear in the discount box at check out exactly as they appear below. 

For Patterns:
sunny10- 10% off
sunny20- 20% off
sunny30- 30% off
no code - full price of the pattern

For Classes

SunnyClasses10- 10% off

SunnyClasses20- 20% off

SunnyClasses30- 30% off

no code - full price of the class


Pay What 


water color rainbow.png
water color rainbow.png
water color rainbow.png