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Intro to 



Skill Level-  Advanced Beginner/


Time required- 3 contact hours (over one 3 hour session)

Price- $40.00 for the student, 20% to the LYS 80% to instructor

Min/Max Seats- 

Minimum - 3, Maximum -9

Materials List-

  • The Springtime Bandit Shawl pattern (available as a free Ravelry Download) 

  • Heavy worsted or Aran weight yarn (see note above about yarn)

  • One 24 inch (or longer) size US 9 circular needle 

  • Stitch markers that open and close

  • a crochet hook size US H

  • Highlighter Tape or a Knitter’s Pride Pattern Holder

  • Notebook and pen

  • Wool wash

Lace knitting isn’t nearly as difficult as it looks once you learn the basic fundamentals. During this class students will begin a simple lace triangle shawl while practicing the following lace techniques:

  • How to knit a garter stitch tab with a provisional cast on

  • How to properly make a yarn over, knit two together, slip knit pass, and a slip two knit pass along with the abbreviations for these techniques

  • How to read a lace chart

  • The chart symbols for yarn over, knit two together, slip knit pass, slip two knit pass, knit, and purl stitches

A note on yarn needed for this class: We will be beginning a lace shawl together. If you only wish to make a tiny doll sized shawl in order to learn the skills listed above, one skein (or less) will be sufficient. If you would like to complete the full-sized shawl, 400 yards of worsted weight yarn will be needed. 

Homework: Practice using a crochet hook to make a chain

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