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All classes are non refundable, however I recognize that occasionally a class must be missed. If that is the case, the following explains what I ask of you, and how I am able to work with you to make it up as well as what I am able to offer in the very rare occasion that I must miss a class.

In the case of a student not being able to attend, I can offer you space in the following Thursday evening’s Online Beyond Beginning Project Class if: 1. I receive notice of your need to miss class 24 hours prior to the class you must miss and 2. As of 12pm on that day there is space available in Beyond Beginning Project Class. This is a 2 hour class with other students attending and working on different projects, so I may not be able to cover everything we went over in class you missed, but I will do my best to get you the vital information.

In the case of a class being cancelled by me, I will reschedule a make-up class on the same day of the week and time that the canceled class was scheduled and as close to the classes you signed up for as possible. If you can not attend the rescheduled class, you may attend any Beyond Beginning Project Class of your choosing free of charge.

Important Information For Online Classes With Sönna 

Contact me via the contact button on the home page of SunDaughterKnits.com, Instagram @SunDaughterKnits or Facebook messenger via SunDaughterKnits.


On Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30, I offer an online class called Beyond Beginning Project Class. This is a drop in style class (meaning, it is informal and you may come late or leave early and not be disruptive) and a lot of fun. Please feel free to sign up online if you would like to attend and get a little extra help with your homework.


Class Packets

Class Packets contain important information for the class you will be attending. Please take the time to read over your packet. Do not worry if parts of it do not make sense, we will be covering it in more detail in class. By having it available to you in class and by being familiar with its contents, you will be able to make the most of our time together.  

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If your packet contains homework, please have it done prior to class. ALSO! Don't be superstar and go farther than the homework. ;) If you need help, feel free to sign up for Beyond Beginning Project Class in the weeks prior to class.


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