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Book Sönna For your LYS

Are you an LYS owner looking to bring in a new teacher or do you see one of Sönna's classes you would like your LYS to host?

Sönna's classes share a common theme of learning to understand the mechanics of the craft in our hands. 

Offering a wide range of classes from beginner to advanced, the majority of Sönna's classes are project based and students are encouraged to support their LYS as they gather supplies. 

Read more below if you are interested in hosting a class for a reduced or free tuition.


Cast On & Go

Short and Sweet

The bare bones minimum needed to start a knitting journey for those who don't have a ton of time to spare.

Beginning Knitting 1

The Basics and Beyond​

Ready to learn how to knit but it all feels so overwhelming? This incredibly thorough class will break it all down. 


Beginning Knitting 2

Intro to Cables and Magic Loop


Ready to tackle cables, all while learning how to magically knit in the round on one long circular needle?

This is a great follow up to Beginning Knitting 1: Basics and Beyond class.


Stranded Knitting

With Two Hands

Learn how to use two yarns and two hands to make a knitted colorwork masterpiece! 


Intro to Lace

Intro to Cables and Magic Loop

Lace knitting isn't nearly as difficult as it looks once you learn the basic fundamentals. This class will explain the baskicand begin your love affair with lace!

Cable Forward

Charts Explained With

2 Color Cables

You understand the basics of cables, now you want to go to the next level!


The knowledge gained in this class will simplify charts that appear complicated.  


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